Clockwork Festival 17th June 2017

Clockwork Festival – 17th June 2017

A free event for the local community to raise money and awareness for depression in young adults.


What is Clockwork?

The organisation Clockwork was launched at the end of summer 2016 by Oxted musician and music school owner Matt Hayes, after local teenager Billy Plowman, who was receiving guitar lessons from Matt, took his own life earlier in the year. The organisation plans to start youth groups for people to discuss their issues and enjoy art, music and sport.

To be able to register as a charity, the organisation was required to have a minimum of £5000 in funding. Due to the generosity of local businesses and individuals doing all manner of fundraising this target has very recently been smashed, and the registration process is now underway.

What is Clockwork Festival?

For the past couple of years Holland Sports have been toying with the idea of holding a music festival, possibly with some beers involved somewhere along the line!

With Matt Hayes and the rest of the teachers at Idol Hands being quite heavilly involved with the live music offered at the club, we thought it’d be a great way to raise some money for Clockwork.

The original vision was to have 3 or 4 bands, some guest beers and fire up the bbq!

After asking a couple of bands if they’d like to play in exchange for a burger and a pint, we have been literally unindated with offers of support from local bands, businesses and individuals offering their support in any way they can. So, our little music and beer fest is very rapidly growing into something along the lines of Glastonbury!

Who’s playing?

Due to the number of acts asking to play, we now have two stages running to fit everyone in! Acts confirmed so far:

  • Randy & the Rockets
  • The Titfield Thunderbolts
  • The Banned
  • Funk Around
  • The Seamonkeys / Double 6
  • VBTN
  • Sofia Ford
  • Mothers Ruin
  • Lauren V & Mick Cook
  • Ben McIlwraith
  • Eloise Wynn-Jones
  • Dom Damesick
  • DJ’s Cam & Joss Chorley
  • More to be announced……..

What other events will be going on?

Although the music and beer side of things is virtually sorted, we’re still open to offers from stallholders and sideshows. Please get in touch using our online contact form.

So, if it’s free, how are you going to raise money for the charity?

It’d be easy for us to charge £10 a ticket to see a line up like this, sell burgers at £5 each, and bump up the beer prices, but that’s not the Holland Sports way! Our plan is to raise funds by asking local businesses to sponsor acts, sponsor the outside bar and bbq, or advertise in the festival programme. Stalls and sideshows will also be available for the whole event.

What we’re looking for:

  • A main sponsor for the event – Your business banner over the main stage, front page of the festival programme, name / logo on all advertising posters and banners, website and social media adverts.
  • A sponsor for each act (14 so far) – Your business advertised in the festival programme, your website hyperlinked from the sponsors page and Clockwork Facebook page, and regular mentions on the local Oxted Facebook group.
  • Stall holders / sideshows – Handmade jewellery? Crafts? Art? Anything to add to the festival feel, book a pitch to sell your wares.

We’re open to any offers, so please send us an email if you’d like to bid to sponsor something, advertise in the programme or help out in some other way.