Live Sport on the box

Live Sport TV Schedule We have just compiled an online calendar detailing all the sports that will be showing at Holland Sports over the next couple of months. Every Premiership game on Sky Sports, every Six Nations Rugby match, and selected games from The Champions League, La Liga, Premier League Darts, and other sports can be found in the online calendar. View the calendar by going to Sign up for our monthly newsletter to keep up to date with what's happening.  

Holland Sports FC March Fixture List

Holland Sports FC March Fixture List The March fixtures list for the Kent County Football League is now available to view on their website.

New outdoor exercise equipment installed

A new outdoor exercise park has recently been completed by Tandridge District Council. Equipment includes: Handle Boat - Toning of arms, legs & abdomen Power Push - Upper muscles, chest, shoulders and back Ski Stepper - Balance, co-ordination, cardiovascular Mini Ski - Toning of waist, hips and thighs Pull Down Challenger - Upper body muscles, chest, shoulders and back Health Walker - Cardiovascular, flexibility of joints and leg muscles Push Hands - Shoulder muscles, circulation, elbow and wrist flexibility Each piece of equipment is marked with instructions of how to use, calories burnt, and safety precautions.


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