14th – 15th March @ Holland Sports

A busy weekend for sport on the box! The club will be open again at 9am on Saturday morning serving Coffee, Tea, Hot chocolate, Soft Drinks and Bacon rolls (until 11.30am). Mums and Dads watching their kids football training, dog walkers and anyone else in the area welcome! This months guest ale Doom Bar will be flowing too! Wales v Ireland Six Nations Rugby Saturday 14th Kick off at 2.30pm. England v Scotland Six Nations Rugby Saturday 14th Kick off at 5pm. Burnley v Manchester City Saturday 14th Kick off at 5.30pm, showing on screen 2 Chelsea v Southampton Sunday 15th Kick off 1.30pm

Ready for the weekend – Doom Bar

Guest beer for this weekend (13th March) is Doom Bar. ABV 4.0%   Doom Bar has achieved international cult status and is now the No.1 selling cask beer in the UK! Where the river Camel meets the Atlantic Ocean on Cornwall’s rugged north coast, a sand bank, centuries old, known as the Doom Bar protects and calms this beautiful estuary. Sailors respect the Doom Bar knowing it to be unforgiving if met with haste or arrogance. Doom Bar the beer embodies many characteristics which make it worthy to carry the name of this natural wonder. It’s distinctive aroma and balanced flavour set it apart from other beers taking unsuspecting first time drinkers by surprise with its moreish appeal. Taste Notes from Stuart Howe Head Brewer “The aroma of Doom Bar combines an accomplished balance of spicy resinous hop, inviting sweet malt and delicate roasted notes. The mouth feel is a perfectly balanced and complex blend of succulent dried fruit, lightly roasted malty notes and a subtle [...]

Fancy a cuppa?

Fancy a cuppa? Coffee & Tea now available to drink in or take-away! Open from 9am on Saturday mornings. We have just purchased a new coffee machine and are now able to offer coffee and tea from the Holland Sports clubhouse to either drink in or take-away. During our search for the right supplier, we looked at numerous options before chosing Rombouts. The quality of the coffee, the simplicity of the machine, and the cost per cup to the customer made them the perfect choice! Espresso or Americano is just £1.20, with Latte or Cappuchino at £1.60. If you need a bit more of a caffeine hit, a double shot Espresso is £2.00! But, we couldn't serve coffee without tea so........... We chose Twinings for this. They're a well known brand making quality tea, and if it's good enough for The Queen........! For only £1.50 a pot, you have a choice of English Breakfast, Lady Grey, Earl Grey, Lapsang Souchong or Assam. What about non [...]


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