Fancy a cuppa? Coffee & Tea now available to drink in or take-away!

Open from 9am on Saturday mornings.

We have just purchased a new coffee machine and are now able to offer coffee and tea from the Holland Sports clubhouse to either drink in or take-away. During our search for the right supplier, we looked at numerous options before chosing Rombouts. The quality of the coffee, the simplicity of the machine, and the cost per cup to the customer made them the perfect choice!

Espresso or Americano is just £1.20, with Latte or Cappuchino at £1.60. If you need a bit more of a caffeine hit, a double shot Espresso is £2.00!

But, we couldn’t serve coffee without tea so………..

We chose Twinings for this. They’re a well known brand making quality tea, and if it’s good enough for The Queen……..!

For only £1.50 a pot, you have a choice of English Breakfast, Lady Grey, Earl Grey, Lapsang Souchong or Assam.

What about non members?

More than welcome! If you’re walking the dog, standing out in the cold watching your kids at football training, or just walking past, pop in and grab a drink! Membership is just £12 per year, so if you like what you see and fancy becoming a regular, grab an application form from behind the bar.