New range of premium Gin, Vodka and mixers now in stock!

We’ve now added a range of premium Gin, Vodka and mixers to our ever increasing range. Prices at the bottom of the page.

The London No. 1 – one of a handful of gins actually distilled in London – was created to echo the complex and full bodied gins of yesteryear, albeit with a modern twist – a striking turquoise-blue colour derived from maceration with gardenia flowers.

The highest quality Suffolk and Norfolk grain is used in distillation and the small batch “pot still” method ensures a consistent quality. Finally, the inclusion of 12 carefully selected botanicals makes The London No. 1 a gin to be savoured.

Grey Goose Vodka – In the fine epicurean tradition of France comes a vodka of uncommon brilliance

Grey Goose vodka is distilled from French wheat and is made with spring water from Gensac that is filtered through champagne limestone.
The expertise of the Maitre de Chai Francois Thibault ensures an unparalleled smoothness and exceptional taste

Hendrick’s is a gin made oddly as a fabulous antidiote to the ordinary. A gin for free-thinking individuals who wish to foster a more curious and unusual planet.

Hendrick’s wondrous botanical signature consists of flowers, roots, fruits, and seeds from the world over. They function to complement and set the stage for our delicious duet of infusions: rose petal and cucumber.

A most unusual gin made and indeed, served in a rather odd fashion.  Hendrick’s Gin is not for everyone but indulge your curious self or indeed, treat someone extraordinary.

Licor 43, sometimes described as “Liquid gold” due to its distinctive golden shine, is Spain’s No.1 selling liqueur. The result of a long standing and renowned tradition from southern Spain, today Licor 43 continues to grow in popularity in cocktail bars around the World and is positioned amongst the premium international liqueurs. The name Licor 43 derives from its 43 basic ingredients: principally fruit and fragrant herbs, with a hint of vanilla, all carefully selected to make Licor 43 a unique and unmistakable drink The exact recipe, derives from a 1,000 year old formula dating back to the Roman Empire.

Fever Tree Premium Indian tonic water, blending subtle botanical flavours with spring water and the highest quality quinine from the fever-tree. A natural tonic with a uniquely refreshing taste and aroma.

London No1, Hendricks and Grey Goose are all priced at £2.00 for a single, or £3.50 for a double.

Fever Tree Tonic and Slimline Tonic .95p

Licor 43 (25ml) £1.60

Absolut Vanilla £1.60