Heineken “Smart Dispense” coming soon!

In the next few weeks we’re having a new, grounbreaking draught beer dispense system installed.

The new Smart Dispense system is guaranteed to pour the perfect pint everytime. Light and temperature are the two main reasons for yeast formation in beer lines. With traditional systems, as soon as the beer leaves the barrel it is subjected to light, and the length of the beer lines from the cellar can cause a fluctuation in temperature causing yeast formation, fobbing beer and bad tastes.

With the new smart dispense system, the beer lines are shielded from light from the top of the barrel to the dispense tap so the first time your beer sees light is when it is poured into your glass!

The beer is also chilled to -3 degrees right from the barrel to the tap ensuring every pint poured is chilled to the perfect temperature.

We’ll be one of the first outlets in the area to have this new system, so pop down and see if you agree that we’re serving the perfect pint!