Private hire application form

The clubhouse is available at certain times for members to hire for private parties. Please fill in the form below to enquire.

  1. Applications for private hire must be made by a current member of Holland Sports & Social Association.
  2. All applications are decided upon by the Committee.
  3. Applicants must have been a member for at least 6 months prior to submitting an application.
  4. Members are responsible for all guests at their event.
  5. A fee of £100 is payable for the event. An additional deposit of £100 is also payable which is retained until after the event to cover any damages or excessive cleaning requirements.
  6. Your booking is not confirmed until the booking fee and deposit has been paid and you have received confirmation from the Committee.
  7. A maximum of 100 guests are permitted.

Please indicate the number of members and non-members you think will be in attendance. Please note that maximum of 100 persons are permitted.

"By submitting this form, I have read the above terms and conditions, and I agree to be responsible for the behavior of my guests at all times ensuring they abide by the club rules. I also understand that my deposit, or part of, may be retained by HSSA to cover costs incurred for any damages, repairs or excessive cleaning"